The Rifle Specialist, Inc. offers a guarantee of our products in plain English, in lieu of the legal term “warranty”, without the excessive need for fine print. Our reputation is important to us; we stand for quality American craftsmanship. If something is wrong with your rifle and it’s your fault, we’ll fix or replace it for a reasonable fee in a timely manner. If it’s our fault, we’ll make it right at no charge.

Accuracy Guarantee – All PRS-15 Match and Long Range Precision rifles come with a precision & accuracy guarantee, which begins at 1 MOA. If you have opted for upgrades, we have versions which shoot ½ MOA. Your rifle was test fired in 3-shot groups at the factory prior to shipment and a gunsmith was able to reproduce a minimum of 2, 3-shot groups which reflect the requested accuracy level at 100yds. (Most rifles are fired 8-10 times to confirm safety, function check and accuracy). This reflects the initial capabilities of your rifle, but is obviously subject to the skill of the shooter, as well as, ammunition choices & shooting conditions.

The use of moly coated bullets voids barrel & chamber coverage, as well as, our accuracy guarantee. Under high heat and pressure moly coating can bond with the barrel surface, creating inconsistencies. Precision and Accuracy are promised based upon factory loaded ammunition. While hand-loaded ammunition does not immediately void the warranty, we cannot be held responsible for varied results nor the dangers created by over-pressure in improperly loaded or over loaded ammunition cartridges.

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